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Supporting both houses…back & front


Wellness Experts

Every meeting will be moderated by an expert in the wellness space. Whether it be how to get a better nights sleep or how to balance your finances, expect to walk away feeling a little less burdened.



Our aim is to create a safe space for individuals from the culinary community to come and share freely their own experience, good & bad. What you hear here stays here.


Community Support

We each possess an incredible ability to heal by just offering an open mind and the willingness to listen. We believe that we are stronger together and intend to create a space for that magic to happen.


We Pick Up the Tab

Support shouldn’t come at a price. We are free because we can be, because we must be. All proceeds from our shop will go towards upkeep and maintenance. Once we cover our costs, we’ll take suggestions from our community and let you decide how the money should be spent. Check back in 2019 for some CC swag!